HP Notebook. 10.1 inch

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hp notebook. 10.1 inch. used and in good condition

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The Mini 110 looks like a miniature version of HP’s Pavilion notebooks, complete with a rounded, glossy black lid and swirly Imprint finish. Port selection on the Mini 110 is better than on most netbooks: three USB ports, a VGA connector, a LAN jack, a five-format memory-card reader, and a microphone/headphone combo jack. The machine weighs about 2.6 pounds with the standard three-cell battery, which sits almost flush with the bottom of the unit. If you opt for the six-cell power pack, it will jut out from the bottom of the chassis about three-quarters of an inch, but the protrusion provides a comfortably rounded handhold for carrying the netbook.

The Mini 110’s best design feature is the keyboard. HP has used just about every available millimeter of space, pushing the keyboard to the extreme edges of the machine to deliver a typing area that’s just 8 percent smaller than that of a full-size notebook keyboard. Ancillary keys are in the expected places, and the right Enter and Shift keys are full-size. There are even navigation-arrow keys in the familiar inverted “T” pattern. Like other netbooks, however, it lacks dedicated multimedia keys and volume controls.

We were less thrilled with the Mini 110’s touch pad. It’s small by necessity, and its squat shape means you’ll be lifting and swiping a lot to navigate. And the placement of the mouse buttons (to the left and right of the touch pad, as opposed to beneath it) is downright bizarre and takes some getting used to. As with other low-priced netbooks, there’s no fingerprint reader, but HP does include a 160GB hard drive and a 0.3-megapixel Webcam. (Oddly, our test configuration did not include a camera utility.)

The 10.1-inch screen has a native resolution of 1,024x576, which means most Web sites will fit side-to-side, and you’ll be able to at least see the top stories on a site without scrolling. The panel is plenty bright, and the satin antiglare finish will be welcome in bright lighting conditions, though it does rob some crispness from the image. Default text in Windows and Web sites is pretty small on a panel this size and at this resolution, so we can only imagine how tiny it will be on the upcoming high-definition screen HP has planned as an option. Audio from the built-in speaker is fine for a machine in this class, if a little thin.